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Wendi and Craig Campbell Job

This is a long term client of ours.  All new saltillo tile installed and stained at second floor, new windows and doors throughout, wrought iron at stairs, new stair case, new 2 story wall of windows, interior and exterior paint, new flashings and tile at master bed deck, game room with new closet, guest bath, refurbished brick wall, granite at fireplace, bar cabinet and tv cabinet. Turned spare room into in law suite with separate entrance and side yard patio space, new stained saltillo tile at first floor game room and in law suite.  Remodel bathroom and shower, various repairs around house, custom redwood storage and lounge by pool, roof repairs.  






Brick Before





Wall of Windows








Side Entrance After




Side Entrance Before




In Law Kitchen After

In Law Kitchen After

Wall Unit

Side Patio After




Side Patio During

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