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President Craig Bortman

President Craig Bortman got his start in the construction field in 1987. After many years working in various trades Boardwalk Construction was started in 1998. We’ve completed thousands of jobs. We are skilled at remodels, additions, second stories, commercial t.i. , bond exoneration, land development , repairs and anything else you might need. We are happy working on a small guest bathroom, a high end kitchen, a 5000 sq ft ocean view home or a 200,000 sq ft commercial building. We’ve worked in Lake Tahoe, Mill valley, San Luis Obispo and all over Southern California. For the last 13 years our focus has been on Southern California with most of our work in Orange and San Diego counties. We strive to make our customers happy and approach every job with integrity and honesty. Our goal is satisfied customers who wouldn’t hesitate to recommend us.

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